Actress Maria Khan passed away

Some people seem to die too young such as a talented, lovely-n-lively model actress Maria Khan, who quietly passed away the other day; she was just 28.Playing 2nd lead in “Muhabtaan Sachiyan,” Maria suffered a massive heart attack that proved fatal enough to claim her life.
Actress Maria Khan passed away

Actress Maria Khan passed away

Maria was one among numerous Pakistani actresses, who earned a reputation and recognition for themselves although they had very small and kind of short-lived careers. It was in the year 2007 when Maria Khan had appeared in Shehzad Rafiq-directed Lollywood blockbuster Punjabi-language film Muhabtaan Sachiyan.


It was just the other day when the news broke on local media that amid a heart attack; Maria Khan had passed away, leaving her fans and close friends stunned and in a state of total shock. One of her friends Tashfain, for instance, wrote on his page the following touching lines:

“You were too young to go my friend! There will always be fond memories of you… May Allah (All Mighty) grant you eternal life in paradise! RIP my friend.”


Meanwhile, the actress was reportedly laid to rest in Pakpattan, the capital city (of Pakpattan District) in the Sahiwal Division; a place that was hometown to Maria Khan (late).

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