Pakistan’s upcoming Film “Chambeli” will be Pakistan’s biggest Film ever

Pakistan’s much applauded TV producers Abdullah Kadwani and Shahzad Nawaz are now producing a film entitled ‘Chambeli’, that is going to be biggest film of Pakistan ever.

In the latest goings-on to revitalize Pakistani cinema, a number of television personalities have come ahead.Abdullah Kadwani and Shahzad Nawaz have already done many more for Pakistani television and now they have started to make a socio-political film ‘Chambeli’.

Ismail Jillani is director of  Film ‘Chambeli’ and the story of this film written by  Shahzad Nawaz. The subject of the movie is based on to bring a change in socio-political system of Pakistan. Film producers calimed that the film ‘Chambeli’ to be the biggest ever film of Pakistan.

There are 11 songs in this film, which sung by singers such as Shahzad Roy, Najam Sheraz, , Ahmad Jahanzaib, Amjad Sabri and Tanseer Dar etc . A bunch of more than 5K people is caught up in the film with a mixture of star cast from television, film, theater,  old actors and some new faces. Let’s expect what the film ‘Chambeli’ brings for us.

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