Sarmad Khoosat is ready with film – Manto Not Mein Manto – on the life of Poet Manto

After his success in the television/drama industry, Sarmad Khoosat is now ready to step into the shoes of a film director and lead actor in the biopic, tentatively titled,  film Manto Not Mein Manto. While several plays have been written and performed about Saadat Hasan Manto, this will be the first time a movie will be produced on the life of the iconic writer.


This is not going to be your typical mainstream film. The scale will be a lot larger than a typical independent film as we have half the television industry participating.” Without giving more details about the star-studded cast, Khoosat reveals that this rather large-scale production will later be expanded into a TV drama.

Manto Not Mein Manto, written by playwright Shahid Nadeem of the Ajoka theatre, is a first of its kind attempt at revisiting the legacy of Manto; the film will capture Manto’s life after partition and the stories that followed.

Accompanied by a fully-loaded soundtrack, the film itself will focus on Manto as an individual.

When it came down to who would play the coveted role of Manto, they initially looking for someone who had a significant amount of comfort with Manto’s writings and the script itself, “But eventually, it was encouraged that I try the role,” he adds. Khoosat, who has a noteworthy background in theatre, took the challenge sanguinely.

Manto Not Mein Manto has already been shot and is currently in its editing phase. It is scheduled to release this fall.


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